23 06, 2014

Quant Economics is Transformed into Intensity Corporation


“We believe that living and working with authentic enthusiasm—or intensity—results in better work product for our clients, deeper connection with our colleagues, and an ability to attract exceptional talent”. - Ryan Sullivan, Intensity CEO Our sponsor, Quant Economics is no more as they transform themselves into a name closer to their core, Intensity Corporation.  Here's [...]

Quant Economics is Transformed into Intensity Corporation2016-11-28T16:50:28-08:00
14 05, 2013

Welcome To Our New Website!


The SDIPLA is proud to launch our new website.  We have spent the better part of six months taking an idea (“Gee, our website looks dated and is not very functional”), overcoming the unknown (“I don’t have the first clue what to do to change our website”), investigating our options, availing ourselves of dumb luck [...]

Welcome To Our New Website!2016-11-28T16:50:50-08:00
10 05, 2013

Techlaw Launches IP Clinic Program


There is a new IP Clinic program headed by Techlaw, LLP partner Dana Robinson and Professor Ted Sichelman of the USD School of Law. The program is based on the same principles as the already successful Entrepreneurship Tech Clinic that the law school has been running in partnership with Connect for the past few years.  [...]

Techlaw Launches IP Clinic Program2016-11-28T16:50:50-08:00
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