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October 26 Patent Damages in the Context of Free-to-Consumer Products

Please join us as our speakers address patent damages across various types of free-to-consumer products (e.g., Google Search, web browsers), including social media products. The nature of these businesses raises several important and interesting issues—for example, what does “value” mean in this environment, as applied to intellectual property such as patents? How should apportionment issues [...]

October 26 Patent Damages in the Context of Free-to-Consumer Products2021-09-22T15:54:53-07:00

September 9 Evening Event

Andrei Iancu will discuss the RAI Project and the factors that make for a highly competitive, innovation-based society that will help restore and maintain the United States’ status as the world’s foremost center of innovation.  Mr. Iancu is co-founder of the RAI Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Previously, he served as [...]

September 9 Evening Event2021-09-22T11:15:42-07:00

Internet Sightings by Frederic M Douglas and James E Hawes August 2021

This column highlights some of the more notable recent online notices, newsletters, and blogs dealing with IP prosecution issues. Patently-O – a patent law blog – Patentlyo.com Perjury Can Be Costly - On May 6, 2021, Prof. Dennis Crouch discussed Cap Export, LLC v. Zinus, Inc., slip opinion, 2020-2087, (Fed. Cir., May 5, 2021) (PDF [...]

Internet Sightings by Frederic M Douglas and James E Hawes August 20212021-07-26T13:30:55-07:00

June 24, 2021 In-person and Virtual Event

Patent Issues in 5G “Use Cases” 5G is here.  The next generation of wireless telecommunication is deployed in 99 countries and growing.  5G is ushering a wave of new uses: smart cities, remote healthcare, industrial IoT, fixed wireless access, and many more.  These use cases present unique patent issues.  This presentation provides background on 5G [...]

June 24, 2021 In-person and Virtual Event2021-09-22T11:15:53-07:00

April 22 Virtual Meeting

Global Patent Strategies Biologics – Spotlight: Enablement and Patent Eligibility, It’s All in the Details Biologics key stakeholders face a dilemma: first-to-file versus a disclosure sufficient to enable and claim patent-eligible subject matter. In the decade since the enactment of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA), patent protection for biologics has become increasingly important. In [...]

April 22 Virtual Meeting2021-09-22T11:16:07-07:00
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