SDIPLA provides substantial benefits to its members.

Foremost is the opportunity to interact with the thought leaders of the local IP bar.

SDIPLA provides a forum in which members meet monthly to exchange ideas and engage in stimulating discussions concerning the cutting-edge IP issues we all face. It also allows our members the opportunity to network and simply make friends or contacts others sharing this worthy profession. In addition, SDIPLA provides valuable opportunities to earn CLE credits at a very reasonable price in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are constantly striving to improve our programs, and believe that we provide numerous and substantial opportunities to learn about and provide potential solutions to the challenges we all face in delivering top-notch service to our clients. And in addition to our monthly programs, the SDIPLA provides other opportunities to become involved, including our well-respected amicus committee, and through our interactions with local law schools and the local judiciary.

Memberships are $75 for attorneys, $35 for non-attorneys, including retirees, and free for students.