Quant Economics is Transformed into Intensity Corporation

Quant Economics is Transformed into Intensity Corporation

“We believe that living and working with authentic enthusiasm—or intensity—results in better work product for our clients, deeper connection with our colleagues, and an ability to attract exceptional talent”. – Ryan Sullivan, Intensity CEO

Our sponsor, Quant Economics is no more as they transform themselves into a name closer to their core, Intensity Corporation.  Here’s from their press release:

Emphasizing the unique culture of the firm and consistent accolades from clients for its precise, fact-based research and analysis, Chief Executive Officer Ryan Sullivan established Intensity to better reflect the energy, intellectual strength, and focus that characterizes the firm’s professionals.

“We believe that living and working with authentic enthusiasm—or intensity—results in better work product for our clients, deeper connection with our colleagues, and an ability to attract exceptional talent”, stated Dr. Sullivan, who was recently recognized as a top economic expert by Intellectual Asset Management in its 2014 edition of The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners. “We have a culture that encourages and rewards positive intensity, which improves the production and delivery of expert services and creates demonstrable value for our professionals, our firm, and our clients.”

Nearly every company or institution occasionally faces a critical challenge in the courtroom or competitive marketplace that is considered “high stakes”, or fundamentally important to their business. In these situations they have a significant need for specialized expertise in economics, law, finance, marketing, statistics, computer science, and other knowledge intensive domains. Using world class academic training and industry expertise,Intensity professionals conduct thorough research on such challenges, draw objective and factually defensible conclusions through analysis, and articulate these conclusions in ways that help decision makers—from corporate executives to judges and juries—to make informed decisions.

For example, in an intellectual property litigation involving a number of generic drug companies that participated in an “at-risk” launch of generic versions of a blockbuster branded drug used to treat epilepsy, the branded drug company asserted a multi-billion dollar claim of lost profits against the generic drug companies. Experts at Intensity were called upon to quantify the portion of sales resulting from off-label promotion of the branded drug, and to evaluate commercial success of the branded drug. Intensity’s economic and statistical modeling of sales, competition, physician prescribing behavior, and network effects contributed to the court’s determination of both patent damages and patent validity, and led to a favorable settlement on behalf of the defendants.

Most of our members already know this, but we thought we’d catch newer members up on what Intensity is all about as far as their expertise and their client focus:

Intensity’s expertise is equally relevant outside of the legal realm within everyday business operations. Applying its economic and analytics expertise for a leading online retailer, Intensity employed statistical analyses including discrete choice regression models, predictive modeling of consumer behavior, and demand simulations to establish an optimal pricing strategy to significantly increase company profitability.

Intensity’s clients include many top tier companies and academic institutions throughout the United States, among them start-up technology ventures, Fortune 100 corporations, and top law firms. A strong indicator of the value they have realized is the fact that over 90% of them have engaged Intensity experts multiple times. To learn more about Intensity’s vision, capabilities, and people, visit http://www.intensity.com.



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