The SDIPLA is proud to launch our new website.  We have spent the better part of six months taking an idea (“Gee, our website looks dated and is not very functional”), overcoming the unknown (“I don’t have the first clue what to do to change our website”), investigating our options, availing ourselves of dumb luck (“I just got reconnected with a high school friend who is a website/marketing guru, maybe she can help”), and cranking through the minutia of logo designs, formatting, content, and the myriad other issues that came up.  And here we are.

In developing our new site, we built around two threshold ideas.  First, we wanted to better communicate what the SDIPLA is, and why we provide value to the local bar.  This is reflected in the improved content, links to our previous programs, and our new “blog” capability.  Second, we live in one of the best cities in the world, and we wanted the site to have the “look and feel” of San Diego.  To do this, we have created a new logo, and adopted a rich San Diego color scheme.  We hope you like it.

In addition, we have also adopted a more comprehensive communications platform that includes Twitter (@sdipla) and a Linked-In Group.  Please look us up, join, and Follow us.

Finally, I wanted to credit those who helped us achieve this.  First, I wanted to thank the current Board members, Marc Morley, Jo Dale Carothers, and Les Overman, who indulged this at times quixotic journey, and provided valuable suggestions and comments about the content.  I also wanted to thank Susan Finch of Susan Finch Solutions (; @susanfinchweb) who implemented the Board’s vision and created our new site from the ground up.  Thank you for your insight, ideas, tireless dedication, and the patience to deal with a bunch of lawyers for so long.  Bravo!

Kurt M. Kjelland

President SDIPLA (2012-2013)