The Advanced Complex Litigation (ACL) series focuses at the trial court level on the advanced skills, which so frequently appear in complex litigation.
Whether from the role of the Bench or the Bar, these skills (and the tools around which they are built) are the cornerstones of the judicial system’s ability to resolve matters with efficiency and lowest possible cost. The ACL national steering committee and San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association are teaming up during this program to talk about the issues that confront our courts. Chief Judge Randall Rader of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit several esteemed judges and practitioners will be on hand to present their perspectives. 

Key topics of this day’s program include:

  • Discovery
  • Case Management
  • Focusing Disputes
  • Multiple Party Litigation

Southern District of California – San Diego Agenda

This program is under review for 3 hours of California CLE. A library of materials for the entire series and an archive of each program in the series materials will be available at this link: Advanced Complex Litigation Documents Library