This column highlights some of the more notable recent online notices, newsletters, and blogs dealing with IP prosecution issues.

Patently-O – a patent law blog –

  • Must Invention Conception be Immaculate? – On July 28, 2021, Prof. Dennis Crouch discussed the concerns relating to joint inventorship. He provides an overview as to how simultaneous conception is not required, but the co-inventors may collaborate in various ways and still be joint inventors. (Full details).
  • “Shall Be” is Not Enough to Assign Inventions – On August 2, 2021, Prof. Dennis Crouch reviewed the case, Omni MedSci, Inc. v. Apple Inc., slip opinion, 2020-1715, 2020-1716. (Fed. Cir., Aug. 2, 2021) (PDF here.), which addressed the contract language of an employment agreement for the assignment of inventions. Notably, provisions that stated that patents and inventions “shall be the property of the University,” did not assign a present transfer of a present or future right, but, at most, reflects a “future agreement to assign.” Take another look at those employee agreements. (Details here.).
  • The Obviousness of a Design Patent – On August 23, 2021, Prof. Dennis Crouch discussed Campbell Soup v. Gamon Plus, 2020-2344, 2021-1019, slip opinion (Fed. Cir., Aug. 19, 2021) (PDF here.) which considers obviousness of a design patent, which is analyzed in reference to 35 U.S.C. § 103, although the methodology is different. (Details here.).
  • Four Points Don’t Make A “Range” – Professor Crouch posted on November 24, 2021, a discussion of the written description requirement for ranges of values, as considered in Indivior UK Limited v. Dr. Reddy’s Labs S.A., slip opinion, 2020-2073, 2020-2142 (Fed. Cir., Nov. 24, 2021) (PDF here.). The court found that the specification needed to more expressly state the range claimed, such that a “patent is not a hunting license” requiring the reader to patch together the range stated in the claim. (Details here.).
  • Volunteering for CLE (Not Yet) – Professor Crouch referenced a statement by the Office of Enrollment and Discipline for the USPTO that the planned commencement of voluntary continuing legal education for registered practitioners is now delayed from Spring 2022 to November 1, 2024. (Details here.).

AIPLA – the profession’s national organization – see

  • AIPLA’s 2022 Spring Meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 17-19, 2022, at The Roosevelt in New Orleans. More info here. AIPLA’s 2022 Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 27-29, 2021, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. More information is available here.
  • The Chisum Patent Academy was scheduled to hold one seminar in 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts on October 1-2, 2020. Instead, the Boston seminar was to be scheduled for a time in 2021, due to you-know-what. Well, that didn’t happen. Check the website for updates and more information here.


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