This column highlights some of the more notable recent internet notices, newsletters and blogs dealing with IP prosecution issues.
Patently-O – a blog written by Dennis Crouch –

  • In the March 2, 2016 post, Jason Rantanen discussed recent data indicating that the Federal Circuit now processes more appeals from the USPTO than the District Courts.
    Details here.
  • On March 7, 2016, Professor Crouch discussed the data released by the USPTO in its annual report (PDF here) Professor Crouch presented a chart of first action pendency (time from filing date to first office action mailing) from 2011-2015 and projections for 2016-2017. The trend shows a year-over-year decline. Details here.
  • In another March 7, 2016 post, Professor Crouch explained a Federal Circuit ruling, In re Queens University, 2015-145 (Fed. Cir., March 7, 2016) (PDF here) ), in which the court recognized a patent agent privilege Details here.

IP Law Blog – a blog providing counsel a forum to discuss IP strategies

  • A February 19, 2016 post discusses the Federal Circuit opinion, Lexmark International, Inc. v. Impression Products, Inc., No. 14-1617 (Fed. Cir., Feb. 12, 2016) PDF herefinding that foreign sales do not exhaust patent rights. Read full post here

AIPLA – the profession’s national organization–

  • AIPLA will hold its Spring Meeting May 18-20, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information click here.

Miscellaneous –

  • The Chisum Patent Academy holds an upcoming patent law seminar in Seattle, Washington on August 4-5, 2016 and August 8-9, 2016 (two identical seminars). There will be two seminars in Washington, D.C. on September 29-30 and October 3-4, 2016 respectively (two identical seminars). There are a possible 18 CLE credits for these seminars. Each seminar is limited to ten attendees. More info here.

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