Here is an opportunity to reach current and recently inactive SDIPLA members through our monthly events newsletters that are emailed out, as well as our general subscriber list.

The newsletter layout will vary, depending on the sizes of the ads people subscribe to using the PayPal form below.  The ads are like a subscription that will charge your card monthly up to 12 months if you choose the monthly option or annually if that is your choice. We will need your ad to follow the sizes below, based on your selection. Remember, you want to encourage people to click. You may want to have a custom landing page to welcome anyone from this site that clicked, add a call to action, etc. It’s also easier to track an ad if you send people to a great page with an offer or event.

The ads will link to your website or blog. We’ll need the exact link from you.

If you have questions, please contact Les Overman directly. After you submit, we will follow up with you about the artwork.

Sample ad sizes are below.


adsample-200x200 adsample-300x200

Begin Advertising

Choose your ad size below, we will email you confirmation and clarification of which issue you would like to have your ad start in.  We will also mark when to end the advertising agreement. We’ll need your artwork by the 5th of the month you would like your ad to begin displaying. If you need help creating an ad, let us know and w’ell give you a resource.

Link to your site for the ad

that’s it.