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The SDIPLA has two primary aims: (1) connect local IP practioners with each other, and (2) provide topical, meaningful continuing legal education.


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Topic: Panel Discussion on the Unitary Patent – Scope, Implementation, and Practical Considerations
Speakers: Greg Sach, Partner, Hoffmann Eitle; Jason Ferrone, Vice President, Patents and Corporate Development, Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Bernie Greenspan, Prometheus Laboratories; George Whitten, Qualcomm; and Paul Holdaway, Qualcomm 

Date: Thursday, Sept. 17, 6:00 pm
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SDIPLA provides a forum in which members meet monthly to exchange ideas and engage in stimulating discussions concerning the cutting-edge IP issues we all face. It also allows our members the opportunity to network and simply make friends or contacts with others sharing this worthy profession. In addition, SDIPLA provides valuable opportunities to earn CLE credits at a very reasonable price in a relaxed atmosphere.

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